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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 19, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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captioning made possible by abc cable networks group this morning, breaking news, deadly storms pound the midwest, blowing windows out of skyscrapers, downing trees and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. bp's embattled ceo gets some of his life back. stepping aside from overseeing the gulf cleanup. and scientists now believe the well is letting loose more dangerous chemicals than previously thought. police are now asking pointed questions about kyron hormon's stepmother. does this signal a turn in the investigation for the missing 7-year-old. ♪ want to take you higher and some of the hottest pilots in the world take flight this weekend in a high-speed, high-flying, danger competition. and we'll give you a bird's eye, stomach-flipping view.
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my neck is still sore from that. >> i expect a call from your insurance company later this morning. >> it was fun to show that coming up. good morning, america. >> good morning. it's saturday, june 19th. many people in the midwest this morning probably did not get much sleep that's because severe storms with winds up to 90 miles per hour wreaked havoc in six states. there were reports of tornadoes and at least two deaths. we'll have a report in a moment. >> this comes a day after violent twisters tore through minnesota. we're hearing heart-wrenching stories. including one woman's, about a father, who saved her at the expense of his own. and joran van der sloot's mother, defending the accused killer. we'll tell you why she's insisting he's not a murderer. and how she thinks he wound up being charged with the savage
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beating death of a young, peruvian woman. and fans of american soccer, outraged this morning by a blown call in the world cup. the american team had an amazing comeback. it looked like they came ahead. and then came the call that will go down in infamy. we'll have the report of the fallout from south africa, just ahead. >> just like last week, this was a tie that americans did not want to see happen. we begin with the deadly thunderstorms overnight. marysol castro has been watching them. she's here with the latest. good morning, mary. >> good morning, bianna. good morning, everyone at home. a swift-moving storm with powerful winds and heavy rains killed two people and damaged an iconic chicago building. across the midwest, hurricane-strength winds toppled trees that killed two people. downed power lines caused thousands to lose power. >> i've been here all my life. i've never seen this. i've never seen anything happen like this before. >> reporter: chicago saw 60-mile-per-hour winds and heavy rain that sent people running for cover. the winds were so strong, they
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blew windows out of the iconic willis tower. and a direct lightning strike hit this retail store, sparking a fire that engulfed the entire building in flames. one woman had a narrow escape from death, when a tree was uprooted and hoisted on to her car right before her eyes. >> we thought it was going to rain. we would have got in my car. we would have been dead. >> reporter: in indiana, where the winds topped 90 miles per hour, storms twisted and tangled power lines, crushing houses and cars below. one man narrowly escaped with his life after a transformer crashed through his windshield. >> then, all of a sudden, just smash. the transformers came through the windshield. they were sitting right in our lap. i thought i was dead. that's it, i'm dead. >> we want to show you where the storms are moving. a lot has dissipated in the overnight hours. if you still look at the great lakes and the midwest, we're going to contend with some storms today. not nearly as bad as what we saw
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yesterday. and speaking of the storms, we're looking at two, specific areas. portions of the midwest and the plains states. so, we're looking at the possibility of a tornado. again, very gusty winds. 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts. large hail. and, of course, flash flooding. over here, you can see, closer to the west, omaha to denver, looking at some strong storms. and northeast of denver, people need to be on high alert for that flash flooding that could spark throughout the day. we'll keep an eye on it throughout the show. bill? >> okay, marysol. meanwhile, they're still cleaning up in minnesota, after 37 tornadoes swept through the land of lakes there. we're hearing some amazing stories of survival. here's abc's eric horng. >> reporter: across hard-hit minnesota, a back-breaking and heartbreaking cleanup is under way. >> destructive, very violent tornado. >> reporter: the spate of twisters, some half a mile wide, left a trail of shattered homes, toppled trees and downed power lines. >> shocked. just very, very shocked. i just can't believe that this
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happened. >> reporter: in the town of wadena, a tornado leveled several residential blocks, leaving hundreds homeless. nearly a quarter of the buildings here in wadena were damaged or destroyed, including the high school. but because tornado sirens gave people plenty of warning, no one in this community was killed. >> i see stuff that's broken. i don't see people broken. these people have great resolve. and they will work back again. >> reporter: but some have lost much more than just homes. at this gas station in the town of mentor, owner wes michaels died while protecting his daughter, heidi. >> he saved me. >> reporter: it was wes' birthday. so, heidi filled in for him at the gas station. as the twister approached, he rushed to heidi's side, leading her and customers into a cooler. >> that's just the guy he was. he loved us so much. >> reporter: as the gas station collapsed, wes shielded his daughter from debris, giving his
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life to save hers. >> he covered me. he always protected me and my sisters. >> reporter: a loss felt deeply on this father's day weekend. and one of many families now coping with disaster. for "good morning america," eric horng, abc news, wadena, minnesota. we turn, now, to the gulf coast. we're on day 61. there's a shakeup at the top of bp. tony hayward, the company's embattled ceo, is being pushed aside. he will no longer be responsible for the cleanup operation in the gulf. and our sharyn alfonsi has more from buras, louisiana. good morning, sharyn. >> reporter: good morning. well, you know, tony hayward upset a lot of people here who lost their livelihoods, when the ceo said, i want my life back. well, he's getting it back. he'll no longer be in charge of day-to-day operations. he has been pushed aside. rings of fire off the louisiana coast. the coast guard is now burning some of the oil. meanwhile, some good news.
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the coast guard says a newly expanded containment system has captured more than 1 million gallons a day, for the first time, reaching its peak capacity. the bad news, a million gallons is still escaping. and they don't expect the leak to stop until august. bad news for those who make their money on the water, like dan wolfer, a deck hand. he says he filed a claim with bp a month ago. have you received any checks from bp? >> no. >> reporter: not one check? >> no. >> reporter: now, he can't afford his car. his wife walks to work. we caught up with ken feinberg, the man appointed by the president, to get the money flowing. so, what would you say to people like the wolfers? >> i'm here to get them paid immediately. >> reporter: a week? a month? >> oh, a matter of days. >> reporter: bp says it's paid out more than $80 million and hasn't rejected a single claim. but in mobile, we found workers turned away, told they didn't have the right paperwork. >> they're going to make it as
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hard as they can. >> reporter: they're asking for trip tickets, deposit slips, bank statements, boat registration, tax returns for three years. that goes into katrina. is there anything you can do to cut through that? >> absolutely. for emergency immediate payments. >> reporter: you shouldn't have to show these documents? >> we will be accelerating the processing of those claims. >> reporter: feinberg says that he plans to help cut through all that red tape so that people get paid. so far, lawmakers say only about 12% of the claims filed against bp have been paid. bianna? >> sharyn, we're hearing reports that some of those claims that have been delivered are actually pretty low. is there any sense that that will be changed and adjusted? >> reporter: well, that's exactly right. some of these fishermen, they usually make about $10,000 a week on one of their votes. they've been out of work for eight weeks. but the average check from bp has only been about $3,000. feinberg said he is working to get that number up. to get it up quickly. he knows the mortgages need to
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be paid. >> a lot of distressed people on the ground. thank you, sharyn. bill? let's talk more about the grim future of the fishermen down there. oiled seabirds have been a visible symbol of this disaster. but for every dead pelican, there's so much more fish and shell fish being wibed out by the high levels of methane gas in the water. joining me now, president of one planet, one ocean, david guggenheim. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what was the shape of the fishing grounds before the spill? it wasn't great, was it? >> no. unfortunately this is an area that has been overfished. and we're dealing with dead zones. areas where there's very little oxygen in the water. basically a result of the mississippi river and the amazing amount of nutrient pollution that reaches the gulf of mexico. >> there's a dead zone at the mouth of mississippi they said was the size of new jersey or something? that's huge. >> that's exactly right. all that does the same thing on the gulf as it does on your lawn. it makes plants grow.
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they break down. and they use the oxygen. >> and the methane, there's so much pouring out of the well. that's exacerbating the situation. and we're seeing more marine life closer to shore. it's sort of like deer running from forest fires. you have fish looking for oxygen? is that what's happening? >> it very well could be. it's fish and other critters looking for a better place to make a living, which may be nearer to shore. but this methane gas is doing, again, the same thing that the nutrient pollution is doing. it's dissolving into the water. bacteria break it down. and that uses oxygen. it's leading to a situation that could be very serious for anything that uses oxygen, which is fish and most of the critters we care about. >> you've been doing work for years in the reefs of cuba. if you go down there, you say it's like going back in time. they're so pristine and undeveloped. why should we care about what happens to those reefs? >> this is really an international incident that's going on in the gulf right now.
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and what happens in cuba affects us in the united states and vice versa. cuban fish grow up to be american fish. but cuba's corals, really, it's like rolling the clock back 500 years to the time of christopher columbus. and this is an incredible opportunity for research to learn why are cuba's reefs so healthy? and what can we learn from that to restore our reefs, which aren't so healthy, just 90 miles to the north? >> now, there's so many fishermen and their families that are chomping at the bit to get back on the water. and the political pressure is going to be great. but given the disaster that's going on, how long will it take for the gulf to come back? and what should be done in the meantime? >> well, that's really a difficult question. we know that some fish species take decades to return. the red snapper may take 30 years to come back, just because of the overfishing. and that's why one of the things that i've been looking at is how can we use new technology to
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help rebuild the fishing industry? and do it sustainably until the gulf heals and do it on land? these are land-based recirculating aqua culture systems. they recirculate about 99% of their effluent. there's no discharge. no chemicals or antibiotics. these systems are in use overseas in europe and in asia. the americas, not so much yet. but people are making money doing this. and it seems like a great way to invest in the gulf community, rather than writing checks as a handout. >> that would be an amazing stimulus infrastructure project. giant tank where's you grow oysters and shrimp and fish on land. >> exactly. >> interesting idea i hadn't heard before until we met. david guggenheim, we appreciate your insight. good luck going forward. >> thank you very much.
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let's turn, now, to ron claiborne for a look at the top stories. >> good morning, everyone. a new united nations report out this morning says the security situation in afghanistan has not improved. the report says roadside bombings between january and april of this year increased 94% over the same time period in 2009. but the number of civilians killed in coalition-led operations decreased. nearly 45% from last year. and in northwest pakistan, at least 13 suspected militants have been killed in a u.s. drone attack near the afghan border. the strike came as u.s. special envoy richard holbrooke met with pakistan's prime minister. and in this country, the senate has passed a bill that would prevent a 21% cut in medicare payments to doctors. medicare says it will start processing claims at the lower rate because the house has not yet passed the same legislation. meanwhile, president obama is lashing out at senate republicans in his weekly address, for blocking legislation to extend benefits to the long-term unemployed. >> unfortunately, the republican leadership in the senate, won't even allow this legislation to come up for a vote.
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if this obstruction continues, unemployed americans will see their benefits stop. >> and republicans say the government cannot afford the additional unemployment benefits without making spending cuts elsewhere. and finally, a buyer paid $1.2 million for john lennon's handwritten lyrics to the beatles song, "a day in the life." written in blue felt and ball point pen. it shows lennon's edits to the classic album, "sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band." that's the headlines. to bill and bianna. i read the news today. >> i read the news today. the germ of the creative idea that becomes a phenomenon. >> a great song. >> very cool. >> where it all began. just like your manuscript. >> that's right. one day -- marysol, what's going on? >> good morning, everyone. today, we're talking about heat in the south. it feels like 100 to 110. and this heat lasts throughout the week. you can see louisville, st. louis, 97. louisville, 94.
8:15 am
you compact that with the humidity, it's a day to go swimming in your pool or stay inside by your air conditioner. by contrast, the west coast, a different story. these temperatures are a little bit cooler. it's warmer the further inland you go. you can see, if i move over, 104 in phoenix. but along the coast, you can see sacramento, 76. san francisco, 64. it's also very dry in this part of the country.
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thanks so much. more on your saturday outlook a little bit later on in the show. bill and bianna? >> thanks, mary. the nation is outraged. crime. >> international crime at the world cup, as the americans came back in such a dramatic fashion. looked like they won the game against the littlest nation in the cup. but it was not to be. our john berman, he's our man in joburg and joins us with the latest. john? >> we're devastated. >> reporter: yeah. there is big controversy this morning. but also, big relief. the u.s. is still in this thing. largely because of an early father's day present for american coach bob bradley. a present that probably saved his job, and certainly preserved u.s. chances here. >> this is a pivotal match. >> reporter: it was the tale of two halves. the first half, the worst of
8:17 am
times. down one goal. then, down two. against the tiny nation of slovenia. a loss would mean near certain elimination. >> we understood very clearly this was our world cup on the line. >> reporter: the u.s. fans understood the stakes. so, they're down 2-0. how nervous are you? >> very nervous. >> very nervous. it was a heartbreak almost at that point. then, we came back, which was incredible. >> at this point, it's true grit. >> reporter: it was incredible. the second half was the best of times. at the start, landon donovan, with a ferocious shot. >> scores. >> reporter: then, it was michael bradley, with just eight minutes left. a heck of a father's day gift, for his father coach, bob bradley. >> the fight and the commitment and the mentality, that's really what we're about. >> reporter: it was almost a miracle. >> and it's in the back of the net. >> reporter: the u.s. thought they went ahead on this free kick. but the ref disallowed the goal,
8:18 am
calling a mysterious foul. the replay seemed to show it's the u.s. players getting mauled. >> jozy's being held. >> i saw a good finish and a good goal. i'm not sure what the call is. he couldn't tell us what the call was. i don't know. >> reporter: the ref never explained the call. still, the tie keeps the u.s. alive. there is one report, today, that the soccer governing body is reviewing tapes of the game. and this report says that ref may not be working too much the rest of this world cup. as for the u.s. chance, the math is very simple. if we beat algeria on wednesday, we move on. >> that, we can understand. thanks so much. i was also reading that the vuvuzela, the first victim, a woman tore her windpipe blowing on that. >> imagine that insurance claim. >> you can see more world cup matches on abc and espn, including denmark/cameroon. at 2:30 eastern here today. all right. well, the english team had two famous fans in attendance. princes william and harry
8:19 am
cheered on the english team during their tour of africa. a trip that has so many people, including her sons, remembering their mother. our bob woodruff has the story. >> reporter: last night, the princes william and harry, watched england against algeria. hoping for a win. but it ended in a draw, 0-0. they came to africa, largely to show each other their charities. william, with endangered species. harry helping children with hiv. committed to maintaining their mother's legacy and memory. >> obviously, my mother's not around. so, i'd like to think that she'd be proud of what both william and i do. not only in africa, but back home, as well. >> reporter: although the brothers were surrounded by reporters like us for most of this trip, africa, in many ways, is special to them. harry fell in love with his girlfriend, chelsy here. and this time, there were no paparazzi. >> i like being anonymous in
8:20 am
africa. it was quite fun traveling around with harry. and i was glad i got a chance to see sentebale. i think he's done a fantastic job with it. >> reporter: william learned things about harry he never knew. >> wildlife photographer. you never said that. >> reporter: these brothers, so close. when they return, they will both go back to their military helicopter training. clearly, they will remember this trip together. >> honestly, having william over there was a treat. i would say treat. it was nice to have him there. and to show him what i've been trying to achieve out there. >> reporter: their last event today is to convince officials to allow england to host the world cup in 2018. bob woodruff, abc news, johannesburg, south africa. >> our thanks to bob there. coming up here on "good morning america," a new twist in the search for the missing little boy in oregon, kyron. police are asking pointed questions about his stepmother's whereabouts the day he went missing. we'll have the latest. also, an abc news exclusive.
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♪ it's my aeroplane yes. that is our very own bill weir, flying the wild, blue yonder. flying so high. coming so close to the ground. he made it, though. it's the red bull air race. a high-speed obstacle course in the sky. and bill had to give it a shot, right? >> i had to give it a shot. i have new respect for these guys. you keep every muscle in your body to keep from passing out, when you make 6g turns. look at that. very cool. good morning, america. i'm bill weir. >> i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, june 19th. we have an abc news exclusive for you this morning. an e-mail only a mother can wright. joran van der sloot's mother vehemently defends her son
8:31 am
in the e-mail obtained by abc news. anita van der sloot insists her son is not a monster. more on a mother's desperate defense and the latest in the case, coming up. and on a much lighter note. grammy winner sarah mclachlan about to perform with lillith fair, after an 11-year absence. she makes "gma" her first stop, performing her new single, "forgiveness," coming up. we begin with the latest on kyron horman, the 7-year-old boy who has been missing in oregon for 15 days. police are now asking specific questions of his stepmother, about the day he went missing. clayton sandell has the details. >> reporter: after weeks of searching. >> the investigation is continuing on several fronts. >> reporter: police are now turning to this questionnaire. it seems to focus on kyron's stepmother, terri, and whether anyone saw her at or near the school when he went missing. there's also a photo of her ford pickup truck. but investigators refuse to say if they think terri has something to do with kyron's
8:32 am
disappearance. >> we're not talking about persons of interest at this interview. terri's been cooperative with investigators. the whole family's been cooperative with investigators. >> reporter: that hasn't stopped rumors and speculation, on whether detectives are on the right track. >> is he is a person of interest? i don't know. are they interested in her? oh, yes, they are. >> reporter: kyron's family last appeared in public a week ago. and they've spoken only once. >> until you come home, this family's not complete. please, kyron, keep up the hope. >> reporter: they were no-shows again friday. and sent a statement, instead. >> father's day is sunday. for the first time in seven years, we will not have kyron around to hug and talk to. it hurts us deeply. and our heart is broken. >> reporter: for now, police say they aren't ruling out whether kyron was abducted by a stranger or someone he knew. all anyone really knows is that this second grader who vanished from his own school is still missing. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news. we turn, now, to the case against joran van der sloot. we're hearing fromty accused
8:33 am
murderer's mother for the first time since he was arrested in peru. it's an abc news exclusive. john quinones in lima, with all the details. >> reporter: it was the kind of impassioned plea only a mother could deliver. in an e-mail obtained by abc news, anita van der sloot talking about her son, joran. he is not the monster the media would like the world to see, she writes. he's traumatized, depressed, and has an addiction. he is not a murderer. meanwhile, thousands of miles away, 22-year-old joran was being escorted around his prison in peru. joran, we're with abc news in the u.s. you have anything to say to us? he had nothing to say. was your confession done willingly? after giving what police say was a fully legal and convincing confession, admitting he killed stephany flores, this is where joran has been living. castro castro prison. population, 1,600 inmates.
8:34 am
we were given a special tour of the place. we're on the inside of the prison. this is where most of the inmates congregate. these men are waiting to see a judge for their trial. joran is being held behind that barbed wire and locked gates, in an isolated area in that green building. this is joran's cell, which seems carved out of stone, six by ten feet. his bed, a mattress on a slab of concrete. his toilet, a hole in the floor. by the sink, a container with dinner. by his bed, a dutch novel about a young girl who is kidnapped. there's workout equipment. makeshift barbells. and a tv, where we're told, joran has been watching the world cup games. despite all the talk that he might be in danger here, at least one other inmate feels joran will fit right in. >> he is safe here. we have a bunch of people here. drug trafficking. killers. you know? murderers. >> reporter: american attorney, michael griffith, has clients all over the world.
8:35 am
and is very familiar with peruvian prisons. >> money will get you anything. you want drugs? you want a woman? you want a knife? you want a gun? anything can be had. >> reporter: in her e-mail, joran's mother also wrote that her son is the victim of entrapment. she's expected to come to peru within the next few days to visit her son in prison. and help him hire a new lawyer. joran's murder trial could last as long as two years. john quinones, abc news, lima, peru. and ron has the other headlines. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. in the news, a jury in florida awarded a couple $2.4 million because of defective drywall made in china that was used in their house. the case may set legal standards for hundreds of other lawsuits awaiting trial. and officials say amy bishop, the university of alabama professor facing murder charges for shooting three of her colleagues, allegedly, to
8:36 am
death, has attempted suicide. she survived. and now is back in jail. and a seattle teenager shown on video, pushing a police officer who then punched her has apologized to the officer in a private meeting. the 17-year-old was charged with assault for intervening in the arrest. and the officer's actions are being investigated. and a very special delivery in texas. charlotte rosa was home alone when she went into labor six weeks early. and ended up delivering her own baby, with coaching from 911. both mother and child are doing well. that's a quick look at the headlines. over to marysol with the weather. >> i had help when i delivered. that was crazy. kudos to that woman. good morning, everyone. we're keeping an eye on the severe weather. two trouble spots today. in the morning, we're looking at areas from omaha to denver. we're looking northeast of denver, keeping an eye on storms. later on in the afternoon, in the northeast, upstate new york into pittsburgh, some wind gusts, large hail and flash flooding. heat, you can see the nation is divided. the southern tier of the united states, very warm. 100 in dallas.
8:37 am
91 in omaha. in denver, 90 degrees. by contrast, in the north, thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by caesar canine cuisine. bill and bianna? >> all right. ever been on a flight with turbulence? slosh your bloody mary? >> a little bit. >> oh, man. that's anything compared to the guys that fly in the red bull air race championships. i got a chance to see what it's like to go upside down and a couple hundred miles an hour. we'll show you, coming up.
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8:41 am
when they offered to take me up and shake my cookies loose, somehow i couldn't resist. it is, in the simplest terms, a race in the sky. man versus man, gravity and the clock. as 15 of the hottest pilots in the world, take turns running a course of inflatable pylons. if the wings aren't perfectly horizontal or vertical going through the gates, precious seconds are subtracted. and for proof of the risk, check out australian matt hall, bouncing his plane off the river, twice. during a qualifying flight two weeks ago. he survived that day. but he was grounded for this weekend. >> we can't have any rookies in this. >> reporter: right. can't make a name for yourself >> yeah. >> reporter: put one in the river. you have a parachute? or do you bother with that? >> we do. it's the most expensive cushion. >> reporter: mike is one of two americans in a game dominated by foreign fly boys.
8:42 am
kirby chambliss is another, on leave from his day job, flying people like you around the country in southwest. are you tempted in the cockpit for southwest, to do a knife end or two? >> it's like saying, we're a formula one guy. we're going to take a school bus and drive it around the track? not really. >> reporter: well, i'll be the judge of that. after signing some waivers, watching the safety video, and donning the handsome flight suit, i will pit my intestinal fortitude against an airborne spaniard named sergio. are you going to try to make me lose my lunch? you have to clean the plane? oh, i have to clean the plane? the cockpit of an acrobatic plane is cozy. pilots are ratcheted into place. all the better to stay seated, upside down at 230 miles per hour. hello, new jersey. we head over beautiful eastern new jersey. and sergio inches me in, with gentle loops and rolls.
8:43 am
the racers call this two-seater the family truckster, because it's slower and heavier than the competition planes. but it's more than enough to affect the anatomy of a novice. turns this sharp, at this speed, create brutal and exhausting gravitational forces. in a 6g turn, your head feels like it weighs 100 pounds. your vision blurs as all the blood rushes into your legs. and these guys have to know which way is up while pulling 12g turns. forces that would wobble an astronaut or a fighter pilot. whoa. just as things move from exhilarating to really uncomfortable, sergio mercifully heads for earth. look at that. it's empty. woo hoo. did you notice the shade of green there? >> yeah. >> it was really hard. >> was it? >> coming in. >> i was making fun of my --
8:44 am
>> you were saying, that's not a sport. >> i stand corrected. >> it is. you need every muscle in your body to keep the blood in your torso and your head because of the g forces. these guys lift weights. they were incredibly fit to do this. i felt like i had been in a car accident the next day. >> have you ever seen your face stretched in those expressions? >> every saturday morning. >> every saturday. >> it was fun. we'll be rooting for those guys this weekend. coming up on "gma," sarah mclachlan performs her new single. stick around. of special k® cereal. ♪ ♪ because every girl could use a little variety. ♪ special k®, now in 9 delicious flavors.
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í♪ vo: to 11 million cancer survivors, "happy birthday" is a victory song. vo: we're the american cancer society, the official sponsor of #birthdays.
8:47 am
♪ loving you is easy oh, sarah mclachlan. well, she brought her signature style to our summer concert recently.
8:48 am
performing songs from her new record. she was fantastic. you can see her on the summer-long lillith fair tour. but here she is in central park, with her new single, "forgiveness." ♪ loving lying enemy i have seen your face before ♪ ♪ never thought again i'd see didn't want to anymore ♪ ♪ i remember your loving eyes and the moonlit kiss ♪ ♪ the evening lullabies i will truly miss ♪ ♪ through the years we had it all ♪ ♪ midnight whispers the midday calls ♪ ♪ this house of cards it had to fall ♪ ♪ you ask for forgiveness you're asking too much ♪
8:49 am
♪ i have sheltered my heart in a place you can't touch ♪ ♪ don't believe when you tell me your love is real ♪ ♪ because you don't know much about heaven, boy ♪ ♪ if you have to hurt to feel ♪ ♪ every time i see you i can't help but look away ♪ ♪ all along i had believed everything you'd say ♪ ♪ when i look now i know i've seen your face before ♪ ♪ don't want your deceiving smile ♪
8:50 am
♪ standing at my door and i don't care what people say ♪ ♪ i'm ready now to face this day ♪ ♪ i had lost you along the way ♪ ♪ and you ask for forgiveness you're asking too much ♪ ♪ i have sheltered my heart in a place you can't touch ♪ ♪ don't believe when you tell me your love is real ♪ ♪ because you don't know much about heaven, boy ♪ ♪ if you have to hurt to feel ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ because you don't know much about heaven, boy ♪ ♪ if you have to hurt you ask for forgiveness ♪ ♪ you're asking too much i have sheltered my heart ♪ ♪ in a place you can't touch don't believe when you tell me ♪ ♪ your love is real because you don't know much ♪ ♪ about heaven, boy if you have to hurt ♪ ♪ to feel [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
nd into , we learned something about our dad. wow, i gave him this one last father's day. i didn't even think he read them. how many times did he try to get us to go fishing? [ both laugh ] so "daddy," right? that was when we were little-little. he kept them. ...all of them. [ male announcer ] give dad a card... it's the biggest little thing you can do. girls, we're just moving across town. in fact, it protects you from the most damaging rays across 100% of the uva uvb spectrum. coppertone outshines. so you can enjoy the sun. ♪ traveling in the world of my creation ♪ ♪ what we'll see will defy
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that will be fun to have him in here. he's a good guy, right? >> a special day for your fathers out there. >> see you then.
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